How Much do they really care about poverty?

Not much judging by the Dairies of Both the Minister for child poverty reduction and the associate minister for child poverty reduction.

The PM has dedicated 40 minutes per month since appointing herself the minister for child poverty reduction.



Her counterpart, Marama Davidson, who you couldn’t even call a part time minister, does nothing, nada, zilch.

I published her ministerial dairy when I wrongly picked that Chloe Swarbrick was going to replace James Shaw as co-leader of the Greens. I did only publish January, so I have been through her latest two published diary month entries for her ministerial portfolios to see how much time she dedicates to her portfolios

Technically Marama isn’t the associate minister for Child poverty reduction, she is the Minister for Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence and associate minister for Housing (homelessness). They are somewhat related though.

Below is the links to her diaries, But I went through them to total up how much time she is spending on these important portfolios.




She has amassed a fraction under 59 minutes per day on both of these portfolios, for the two portfolios that are huge social issue right now and drivers of poverty.

So the minister of Child reduction spends 40 minutes per month on child poverty reduction since appointing herself the minister of this role, and we get 58 minutes a day focus on both Family and sexual violence reduction and homelessness from Marama.

To be fair I have recalculated Marama’s hours to compare them to a 40 hour week. In the 8.7 weeks these dairy notes correspond to, she is spending 6.8 hours per week on her portfolios.

I wonder what Marama does for the other 33 hours per week?

It is fair to say that any reduction in each portfolio is not attributable to the ministers efforts, conversely the fact that these social issues are in dire predicaments, you can attribute this to their dedication to the roles

The below article showing a 4% increase in Family violence.

Domestic Violence Agency Seeing Higher Level Of Violence And More Complex Cases, Calls For Fundraising Assistance

And Arderns 40 minutes a month has lead to the headlines such as

Child poverty level worst in 18 years – KidsCan


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