How Much Lines the Politicians Pockets

How much of the money pumped into Ukraine ends up into the back pockets of the politicians.

One of the most corrupt countries in the world and one that has been in a civil war for 8 years has been thrust into the lime light recently, portrayed as unsung hero’s against the evil Russian empire

what has really been a place treated as a clearing house for ill gotten gains for many a dodgy oligarch and US political alike is now the place we are all now meant to hail as the hero of democracy.

Whilst Neo-Nazi style enforces run rampant like bully boy gangs we are all wearing blue and yellow socks and hailing Zelensky as the hero of 2022

Billions of tax payer funds have gone into Ukraine over the past decades and yet it remains one of the few ex Soviet states to be worse off than it was under communist control. Why is that exactly.

Ukraine’s war is the epitome of how we can be played by our media and politicians to believe a narrative so far from reality it is almost the opposite of what is really going on.

Last night I watched the movie “Wag the Dog” again.

A must watch for a lesson in political manipulation.

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