How much will it take?

Like many people, I was eager to see the CO2 data.

With the fact that for much of 2020 we have had a reduction in emissions,
I had developed a keen interest in the impact this would have on the Mauna Loa Atmospheric CO2 data.

One would have to think that we would have a decline in the increase of CO2, surely?

Whilst I admit a “decline in increase” is an oxymoron, the reality is the CO2 data is also oxymoronic. With all this reduction going on, CO2’s journey up the graph has remained remarkably unchanged.

To be precise it has remained as static as a Swiss clock. And I know a girl who had a clock once

With all the great work the Virus did of cutting emissions, we have not even made a dent.

A virus, that cut emissions more than what 1000 to the power of 6 AOC’s could achieve in the lifetime of a gender fluid Siamese cat… that is 9 X… too many cat years to count!

 The graph hasn’t changed a single solitary bit.

Not a flicker, nothing nada, nichts!

Its ok though, because the communications person explains this by giving the reader a lesson in how little change, we are likely to see.

We learn about how plants use and give off CO2, who would have thought…and that the oceans absorb and shed CO2 in huge quantities

We learn that compared to this huge carbon cycle that the little amount of change the virus….Hang on a minute, we just unleashed a billion AOC’s with the half life of a cat to the power of nine, and that’s not enough to even measure?

We have reduced flights by more than 50%, lock downs have stopped people moving about and are using their cars less. These sorts of reductions in this short amount of time is what gives people like the Thunberg, wet dreams.

Its almost like our emissions have no impact on the atmospheric CO2

Hold the phone and drop the mike, Isn’t that what Planet B has been saying the scientist have telling us?

Obviously not all, but some very good ones have been saying that CO2 is not to blame, but you wouldn’t ever know.

Through all the noise of the climate emergency, all those sirens are blocking out logic and sensibility and now we have 9 years left if we started in 1953.

It could of course be evidence that the miniscule amount of CO2 that we create is insignificant.

But unfortunately, science has been hijacked by the clergy of disaster.

Stay tuned for more good news

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