How Safe Do You Feel?

On or around the 5th of June 2022 All Vaccine Passports are deemed expired and they are all issued the same day regardless of how long before you got your poison.

What is interesting is that at various times over the next 6 months everyone’s ‘supposed’ effective cover will expire (surprise surprise they don’t all cover you to 6 June 2022 (D-day ironic Ha)

Note the arbitrary nature of these dates as according to the November criminals, their advisers and the State Funded Propaganda Facilitators the vaccine passport is only good for 6 months. (sorry to labour this but some people don’t get it – see what I did there)

SO for all the vaccine panickers out there here’s a couple of thoughts . As at EO (end of) June 2021 250k people had had the vaccine (expiry December 2021 – already expired?). EO July 675K (expiry January 2022) and EO August nearly 2 million (expiry February 2022).

So by the end of February 2022 2/5th or 20% of the ineffective vaccines taken will be even less effective. Get where this is going

The numbers get real good soon after when by end March over 65% of all vaccines have expired but you are not obligated to get the booster until June 2022. About 60% of people report they only got the Jab because they felt that were black-mailed in some way to get it, and are saying they are not going to get the booster.

If you are a believer don’t panic now, wait till April and then really shit yourself. Bah hah hah haha

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