How the Media vilify those that dare to be different.

This week the darling television show Fair Go were busted for being “unfair and inaccurate.” Having experienced Fair Go in the 1990’s from a vantage point much closer to the sources than most viewers would typically experience, I was woken to the misleading tactics, obfuscation and down right falsehoods that the popular TV show adopts to boost its ratings.

For me it was my wake-up call. The show that had been a staple part of TV viewing from as early as I can remember, suddenly was a tangled web of self promotion at the cost of any facts.

My next eye opening experience was Global Warming. Being a firm believer that humans are very damaging to our planet, I had no doubt that global warming was the existential threat the media was making out. Then you dive into the science and find the story is just a bunch of slogans that don’t bare any resemblance to the scientific knowledge on CO2 etc.

Politics, big Pharma and many many other subjects are mostly misguided opinions at best and down right fabrications at worst if you rely on the media for knowledge.

What happens when you get too much attention and your own truths go against the Narrative? Well we are seeing this manifest itself in the recent take down of the Counterspin duo in the oh so unbiased publication STUFF.

In this article I am not going to try a defend or reject any claims of the Counterspin organisation. I do not know much of the inner thoughts of the pair not their politics.

I am however going to discuss the way that, in this case, STUFF has done a character assassination of Hannah Spierer.

The article is from Nadine Porter who does a bio of the young greenie from almost 2 decades ago before admitting she has no idea what has occurred in the past 16 years.

The couple are meant to be spreading misinformation, but like most media commentators, these words are not backed up by what is misinformation, just that it is misinformation and some general subjects that are more taboo points rather than factually misleading.

This is a technique used to paint a broad brush of  discredit across anything that anyone might say, regardless of the validity of what any claims may be. No doubt some of what counterspy has said is outlandish. Conspiracy Theories grow in the shadows of Government obfuscation. People who get aggravated by controversial subjects tend to be from personal experience or shifts in belief that have been born from truth bombs that we all have experience at times – such as the Fair Go one at the top of this article.

So after admitting Nadine has no idea what has gone on she asked, what could it be that sent this Green activist into a world of unknown misinformation? The answer “Most likely QAnon”

There you have it, the discredit of all discredits. Now every conspiracy can be labelled a QAnon fairy tale that doesn’t warrant further question.

Does Nadine know what QAnon is or was? here we get the next broad sweep of the information brush. QANon is…

“an American conspiracy that began in 2017. Believers thought President Donald Trump was fighting a secret society that included Democratic politicians and Satan-worshipping paedophiles who trafficked children.

QAnon was likely what is called a psyop. A clever ploy to take conspiracy theories and facts, blend them together and dish them out to the people you want to manipulate and ultimately embarrass or discredit.

It worked well and many Trump supporters got on board with the cryptic messages that the anonymous person distributed claiming to be a high up insider with knowledge of what is happening behind the scenes.

The interesting aspect of the QAnon hoax was that much of what it discussed was a deliberate exaggeration or distortion of things that do occur.

Trump may not have been fighting a secret society of devil worshiping pedofiles in a horror thriller type dystopian reality.

But how would you best explain Epstein Island exactly, the Lolita Express and the wealthy and influential client list of Geoffrey Epstein and his accomplish Ghislaine Maxwell. Someone who quietly got convicted and shipped off to jail for Trafficking underage girls for sexual favours to the rich and influential.

Perhaps they weren’t devil worshippers, but to a heavily Christian country like the USA being a pedofile is the same thing as devil worship, is it not? You don’t need a mysterious CIA agent releasing info as a make belief Trump ally to know that plenty of the high ups in organisations as wide as the U.N. through to political parties are filthy rotten scoundrels. Joe Biden own daughter has written about having a sex addition and drug habits formed from inappropriate shows with Joe Biden when she was a young teen ager. Nothing to see there either I assume.

Yes there were other theories like 5G and other issues like COVID-19 was a preplanned hoax. but again these are just taking a range of subjects adding them all together to create the illusion that any part of the claims are total rubbish and misinformation.

Take the recent pandemic which soon will be an awkward footnote in our history books.

We are learning that the safe and effective claims of the vaccine are proving to be untruthful in both avenues. Neither safe, nor effective at much at all.

The pandemic may not have been as preplanned as the QANon followers believed, but the Mandates, Lockdowns and emergency powers that it propagated, to many, were a diabolical mistake and attack on our freedom. Yet claiming so labels you a spreader of misinformation?

Rather than supporting these claims, or investigating them at least, the complicit media attacks people for daring to be what we now know (through proper scientific studies), are correct on the nonsensical nature of prolonged lockdowns and mandates.

You get called a racist, far right conspiracy theorist anti vax homophobe transphobic psychopath.

As the scientific community continues to show us that Ivermectin may well be the wonder drug for COVID-19 we knew it was over a year ago, that lockdowns were more harmful than the virus, that young people were more at risk of the vaccine than the virus, the media and the authorities cling tighter and tighter to the misguided narrative’s of the past few years.

I guess admitting they were wrong is too damaging to their brand so they continue with the lies

These media outlets should be focusing on the Michael Baker’s, Siouxsie Wiles’, Rod Jackson’s and Bloomfields of the pandemic. These are the people tasked with making decisions or advising those that will decide on the actions required should the situation come again. When we are faced with a medical emergency again, we want to avoid repeating these mistakes, but no, these guys get a free pass from the press while the media beat up those that have awoken from the media and Government spin.

As I said, I don’t know the couple from a bar of soap, but if a Greenie activist has done a 180 degree turn, like me, it was likely because the truth has a way of finding its way to the surface. And when you realise that you have been fed lies all this time, the natural question to ask is, what else have they lied about.

I dare say if these two do time behind bars it will be a political crime of not subscribing to the narrative of our current ideological tyrants more than any heinous crime.

We shall see what transcribes but as for Nadine Porter and her boss. Thanks for keeping us in the dark and fed Manure.



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