Hubris and Bullshit

Those of you who have followed our reporting on COVID-19 know we aren’t to enamoured with the Government appointed “experts” advising on the best response to the Corona virus.

In particular there is a “club” that are self appointed experts who look down their noses at people who challenge their hubris. Michael Baker is one of these health advisors who now was clearly clueless as to the best way to handle the response. He was and still is a fan of lock downs, he made claims that have been found to be demonstrably false and as far as we at PBM media are concerned, he should be removed from his advisory role as he is clearly not up for the Job.

Another of this club of up themselves learned twats is Prof Rodney Jackson who, unlike Michael Baker, actually has a PhD in epidemiology. However this does not preclude him from making predictions that turned out to be inaccurate and showed that he is likely more attached to the propaganda arm of advice rather than evidence based science that he proclaims is his expertise.

Dr Sam has done another excellent video giving some alternate views (something that science used to embrace) to that of the narrative that the celebrity scientists want us to believe.

you can watch this below. wait for the moment where Michael Baker congratulates himself. This is an excellent piece to see just how much we are being treated like mushrooms – kept in the dark and fed manure.,-Lies-and-Smears-(Dr-Sam-Bailey):9

The presentation is mostly on the Stuff article written by a “climate change” reporter by the name of Charlie Mitchell, (so you know the science will be sketchy to start with) but Dr Sam does a great job of showing just how badly researched and misleading the Stuff hit piece is on Plan B’s scientist Simon Thornley is.

Here is the opening paragraph, no mistaking its a hit piece from the get go.

As New Zealand became the global poster child for managing Covid-19, one local expert – the only one – still believes New Zealand’s response has been a failure. How did Dr Simon Thornley become a hero to anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists, and a villain within his own profession? National Correspondent Charlie Mitchell reports.


It is as fabricated and filled with falsities that it may as well be a climate emergency report

Forget not that we are taking part in a massive scientific experiment and that everyone should be well informed rather than misinformed. Funny how seeking out the truth makes you an enemy of the state these days.

And its not being an antivax to question this vaccine.

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