Hypocrite Mummy Doesn’t Like Her Daughter Being Schooled.


Fresh off a trip to Fiji, a child climate activist tells everyone listening to talk-back that we shouldn’t be allowed to go on holiday to Fiji in the name of climate change.


This triggered du Plissés Allan to laugh and further question the misguided activist on her demands.

Rather than take on board the sensible analysis of how the child activist flaws in her claims, the mother takes to the press to spout nonsense about ice melts in the Arctic and all the nonsense the likes of James Shaw and our idiot leader spout about climate emergencies.

Oh they do not like being called out for their hypocrisy and instead go about claiming her child was bullied by Heather.

This is what we are becoming, dumbed down morons who in the belief that we are in a global climate crises tell others they shouldn’t go on holiday but it’s okay that they do an annual overseas trip.

Go back to school and point out that to your teachers that they are lying to you about climate change.

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