I do not know what to say anymore

The Pfizer vaccine is not safe, is not effective and yet it is promoted willy nilly for young and old alike.

The Thailand study is starting to do the rounds.

Here is the preprint


1 in 43 teens found with heart damage after the Pfizer vaccine.

7% with unusual heart beat post jab

Just think about this group which had virtually zero chance of any more harm than a few days of flu like symptoms. How many have permanent heart damage now?

For those who like to watch John Campbell break it down

The danger is particularly bad to those that exercised in some way post the jab, when their heart was being effected by the vaccine.

I for one have received the notifications regularly from my child’s school pushing the vaccine. Each time I felt the urge to question the medical knowledge of the principal. He always did put that it was the recommendation of the chief paediatrician. So the group think strikes again from our medical chiefs.

Heads need to roll and lessons learned from this sick time we live in.

Rubbing salt in the wound more data coming out that just leaves you dumbfounded.

44% of pregnant women had a miscarriage in the trial and they were reclassified by Pfizer to hide the data.

It really is getting to the point that all those pushing this vaccine to anyone but those that were seriously at risk, need to be taken to task.

We now know that the mRNA

  • didn’t stay at the injection site,
  • didn’t get broken down by the body in a few hours
  • Produced a toxic spike protein
  • Is dangerous to children
  • Causes fertility issues and miscarriages
  • Caused blood clots
  • Doesn’t stop the transmission of the virus
  • Has likely now caused more death and injury than the virus it was meant to protect against
  • Woke dormant viruses and cancers

Yet it is still promoted as a safe and effective way to protect our whanau.

We need protecting from our politicians the media and and big pharma.

The article blew sums it all up really



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