I Hope The Pro Vax Fans Are Ready To Wear Their Dog Collars!

That’s right, the “passport” isn’t going to be an elegant card in your wallet, but a clunky looking mini computer around your neck. This document proposes AES 128 encryption, same as an IPad with “volatile memory” aka RAM and provisions for a Bluetooth signal to resist attenuation by clothing and bodies.

The British proposed “Vaccine passport” legislation has scope for storage of ones entire medical history and even ability to interface with ones financial institution and social media profiles- Digital ID linked to banking and social media to allow for a social credit score just as the World Economic Forum proposed on their Great Reset page (just a coincidence)!

Anyway enjoy your new collars, the battery lasts about 6 months just like each booster shot, so you can get a new dog tag with each shot as you progressively develop antibody dependence enhancement….

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