I love NZ, but…

Page 24 of this report makes me think we are predominantly inhabited with unmitigated dim wits.

This poll shows that people are concerned about housing more than anything else. Is that because they polled people without one, or were there people who actually live in a house too? Are they parents with adult children who wont bugger off because of housing? I understand that housing needs addressing, I’m in the game. But is it our number 1 issue?

The economy is way down the list, me thinks this poll might be a tad different if it was conducted in the past 7 days.

Health is up there and usually is and crime is way down the list. Really? crime isn’t that much of an issue right now?

The economy, is way way down, when is the economy not an issue for people?

But page 24. Are you kidding me?

This is what a complicit bought and paid for press will do. Add to that a propaganda driven, over exaggerated collection of existential threats and you have page 24.

It makes me wonder if they polled the Housing New Zealand waiting list. Ardern supporters waiting for a home whilst living in a motel.

If the government paid you to live in a motel and you did not have to work for either the rent or the food you consume in your motel, I might think the government was working for me too.

I hope this was done prior to the train wreck that has been the past week.

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