I mahue whenua


Once again my fellow inmates we face the Wheel of Misfortune.  

But before that I have another proposed new name for Nu Tirani.  I Mahue Whenua – the left out land.  As more and more countries leave us behind with our one dimensional gummint, or as the world yachting community is doing, leaving us out completely, we once again face the whim of the intellectually limiteds’ view as to what is to happen to the suburb of Auckland in this great city of ours (New Zealand).

Best guess is, that as the last poll shows even with the Greens the BTC cant now govern alone she will loosen the reigns.  Not sure what to though, Level 3 Traffic light amber, but with the Cross now sign in braille going full noise    

Shame we can’t run a book on it 

e kore matou e whakaae

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