I see why the Mullock was screwed





  1. worthless material; rubbish.
    • AUSTRALIAN•NEW ZEALAND rock which contains no gold or from which gold has been extracted.
    • AUSTRALIAN•NEW ZEALAND worthless information; nonsense.
  2. Tod Muller

I was just reviewing some of the Press I missed in the last week and I now understand why the Mullock never stood a chance as Leader of National especially after he hired Matthew Hooton as his press advisor.   He would have been better of getting advice from the local kindy (kids not teachers).

Matthew Hooton has to be officially classed as a moron, with no knowledge (or even the desire to acquire knowledge of) NZ history (hell he even looks like he is making it up most of the time)

In his article last week he posited the “PM emulates Savage with military response to Ukraine”

That statement is factually correct but borderline criminally misleading (and a f*cking insult to the memory of Sir Michael Joseph Savage)

Sir Michael Joseph Savage was a hard nosed trade unionist and very much a by the book man (and friend to our family). 

The only similarity here was he did send troops to a European war to defeat tyranny.  That is where it ends. FULL FFING STOP.

He did not send troops without a declaration of war (or has she declared war on Russia without knowing?)

Before he declared war on Germany, he held and emergency meeting of the whole parliament to vote to declare war on Germany.

Then those troops went to a war sanctioned by the UN (League of Nations in those days) – (not a war that the UN has voted to stay out of.)

He supported the side that moved to defend a whole nation being attacked and overrun by a dictatorial Nazi regime,  not  a war between dictators one of whom sanctions Neo-Nazism. 

He certainly would not have used borrowed money and/or diverted money (now circa USD $40M ($34M to Ukraine & $6M to the Taliban) from domestically necessary social development programmes (imagine what the Minister of Child Poverty will think of this wastage when she hears about it – bah ha ha ha ha)    

From having some family association with NZ’s first Labour Government I can say without fear Sir Michael would be utterly appalled at what JA has criminally done by misusing her powers under some (now almost risible)  ‘state of medical emergency’.  

Sorry NZ Herald someone needs to read this clowns work more closely before you publish such rubbish (glad I don’t pay $1.99 per whatever to buy your crap)

Get the word out, some of our guys are going to get killed supporting a Dictator & Neo-Nazi fascists.  Get onto your MP people this has to stop 


MBS (Hons) etcetera etcetera

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