I used to be one of them

No, not an antivaxxer, the opposite. I was permanently in attack mode when it came to antivaxxers, to be honest I still think many antivaxxers are misguided, but until recently my pro vaccine psyche was vociferous. I would call those who didn’t vaccinate “ignorant twats” on social media and point out every way that they are idiots.

So what changed?

Whilst there are stories of people being refused blood transfusions by relatives due to religious beliefs that would ultimately end with some form of intervention, there is no perfect law when it comes to saving lives with medical intervention. However one of the true freedoms in society, is to not be forced to participate in medical experiments or be forced to take medicine.

We are now in an era where this is rapidly being forgotten. Being a little bit of a jack of all trades (huge exaggeration) and expert is very few (more realistic), I have had some experience in the medical world and also in psychology. The easiest way to get people to not do something, is tell them they have to do it. particularly in the world of health and medicine.

I recently read somewhere an interesting quote, “I will happily take the vaccine, unless its compulsory.” this may have been a joke, but in reality it is the subconscious thought process of many, if not most peoples deep unconscious decision making mechanism whilst they process information to do with compulsory orders.

There are also many other examples of rules that this virus has brought on via the dicision makers that would be far better to be explained why its a good idea for someone to do something, but leave it to remaining a voluntary activity.

Mask wearing being the huge one and another very topical COVID response mandate. Because it has been made compulsory in many parts of the world, you get end up getting 4 different types types of peoples attitude towards the new rule.

Complicit relaxed

These people are happy to wear a mask and get on with life thinking that its all for the best but are ho-hum about it all. I.e. if they see someone not wearing a mask, they may give them an eyebrows up glance, but that’s as far as it goes.

Complicit Vigilante

These are the forceful mask wearers, they are wearing masks and also see themselves as the police force of the compulsory mask. All those that they see dare not be adorning the face covering will be abused, and if it is in an area where they have some real authority then you are in for a full on confrontational exodus. This sort of behaviour has been rife around the world and is a natural behaviour pattern with those who see themselves as enforcers.

Rebellious relaxed

Those that don’t wear masks for whatever reason and don’t care if you wear a mask and will just see you as a dumb sheep

Rebellious Vigilante

similar to the CV above, but demands you remove your mask as you are an idiot for buying into the Plandemic.

There are probably many more but I’m not a trained psychologist and I’m really only making the point that the negative traits above are brought on purely from politicians demanding and forcing an issue on the people.

Point out the benefits, but make it optional and you will get a much better response than telling everyone they have to. you will also avoid all the confrontations and ensuing legal action against vigilantes accused of throwing old ladies with severe asthma and stage 3 cancer out of a shop for failing to comply.

The other issue the Governments face is the the scientific evidence of wearing cotton masks points to virtually zero evidence that they have any affect in stopping the transmission of the virus – but that’s another topic.

Which brings us back to the vaccination. Yes, some people wouldn’t take a vaccination if it was going to save them from a horrible disease, and these are the true antivaxxers. However as Viral Immunologist Dr Byram Bridle said. You don’t need to be an antivaxxer to be concerned about the Corona Virus. This is a Dr tasked with coming up with vaccines.

And what have we got in New Zealand at the moment? We have a Prime Minister who has no qualms vilifying those that don’t follow the rules of her team of 5 million. Step out of line with the supreme leader and you will have the wrath of the highest authority come down on you.

Just look at the KFC worker who turned out to be an innocent victim of the hap hazard response team.

The MIQ worker who didn’t get vaccinated is next in line. They potentially didn’t like the idea of taking the current vaccination and avoided going to their appointment. This is not a guilt free decision, as if you are a front line worker and you don’t want to take the vaccination there is an argument that you might want to be stationed in a less risky environment. However we don’t know the full story, but one thing is for sure, soon the team of 5,000,000 will be out for blood when the supreme leader tells all that he let the team down.

This takes the destruction of “my body, my choice” to a whole new level.

We will be divided in to pro and antivaxxers, even if you are a pro vaccinator but just have a few concerns over this new vaccination. Which is where I am.

A few things in recent times have made me research vaccinations, and whilst I still am a strong believer in well researched and tested vaccines against diseases, that is diseases that we definitely don’t want back growing in our populations. However, as always when big money gets involved things become murky.

Look at the Swine Flu pandemic, which is now deemed by many authoritative medical figures as a fake pandemic. A rushed through vaccine was given to a large amount of “High Risk” people and a number of these developed debilitating Narcolepsy.

Now I fully understand the reality that there is always going to be a percentage of casualties when dealing with mass medications, off course when dealing in a life or death betterment of man kind, you will break a few eggs. Yeah I get that, but Covid has a fatality rate that is both incredibly low and a median age of well above the average life expectancy.

Why would you subject huge amounts of people to a compulsory experimental medication when you have a 999 out of 1000 chance of living through the infection? and a 900 out of 1000 chance of not even knowing you have it?

It is no wonder the conspiracy theories are rife.

The amount of money that the shareholders of the pharma companies that are first in line getting to the market is ludicrous. If they were saving the planet then no amount of money would be too much. But with the likelihood of at least 2 billion people being vaccinated over the course of this year, and lets assume the price per vaccine is around $20 US, well there is a quick $80,000,000,000. Then they will all be back for the next years version.

No I’m not an antivaxxer but I no longer give grief to those who don’t want to take the COVID vaccine, that is for sure.

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