Idiocracy is here

Between the biggest news headlines of the moment and the people commentating on these events, it is just getting more and more pathetic.

The New Zealand political and MSM reporting on Russia is on board with the usual NATO authorised commentary.

Our P.M. did her best to continue the propaganda on the Ukraine war and throw in every other nonsensical claim from climate crises to the need to stamp out misinformation.

There are zero journalists operating from the front line of the Ukraine side of the war, this is a one of Zelensky’s heavily guarded secrets of the war. News is derived from the Ukraine officials, largely designed to creat morale and reasons to be supplied more money and munitions. Journalists who have ventured outside the controlled narrative have been imprisoned. The opposition voices banned and news from Ukraine is taken as gospel from the perpetrators of the war.

You have to wonder why there is is no footage from the war if Ukraine is doing so well, there is more footage of World War I than there is of Ukraines domination of the battlefield.

The NZ herald decided to share a news article from an Australian journalist who is the supposed guru on geopolitical issues, war and science. The article opens with this line, “only victory can save Putin now.”

The article claims that Russia has been failing and is doubling down.

Many commentators look at the minor wins that are broadcast from the Ukraine propaganda machine and bundle this news into a news clip that presents a holistic view that Russia is failing.

The headline to this NZ herald shares clip is “Map Shows that Desperate Putin is Losing Control, Has Nowhere to Turn”

The map and the referendum looks more like the Map is going to show Ukraine shrinking in size. We will need to see the result but Zelensky is during a warning that any “Ukrainians” caught voting will be imprisoned. Putin has warned that any interference with the election will result in a furious array of air strikes on infrastructure and control centres. If that is a losing position I need to read up on military strategy.

Meanwhile Ardern is claiming that New Zealand’s stance on Nuclear weapons has an important role to play in nuclear proliferation. That makes as much sense as saying the guy who turned up to a gunfight with a knife has a roll to play in the fight. His part is taking orders or absorbing bullets as fast as the gun weirding participants can fire them.

I don’t have a gun so put yours down. Arden threatened Russia with a plea to ban all nuclear Weapons. She must have been practising her most concerned concerned face with more power even than “blue Steal” and just like that the war was over. Just like the gun buy-back stopped gun violence in New Zealand.

Ardern proved just how little she knows or just how much she is told what to say. Her comments on the Ukraine was garbage recycled from propaganda fed from the collective that are proliferating the war.

Calling the action in Ukraine illegal. I’d say killing ethic Russians by the thousand over the past 8 years is illegal too so shall we call that a push?

Ardern’s speech shows us just how screwed we are, when everything she said was pushing the globalist agenda, driven by her desires in expanding the UN control of our lives and restricting what we as people can do.

Expanding the WHO powers with a global pact, fighting the climate emergency and of course disinformation.

“We must address misinformation and disiformation on line.” This is an admission of the fear of the alt news.

Ideological claptrap, lies and schooling others on how they should behave.

How can we fight climate change if people don’t believe it exists. Those people are called scientists Jacinda dear. Scientists do not believe there is a climate crisis, yes there are those that do and then we discuss the issue with evidence. We don’t call those with opposing voices spreaders of misinformation you stupid cow.

Ardern must go and all those that are part of the globalist driven ideological thoughts. Science has been kidnapped in the name of globalism and this is the most dangerous risk to life as we know it, not our desire for cheap energy.

So we will continue to see the total denial of what is really going on in Russia, the continued myth of a climate crisis, refusal to acknowledge that mandating vaccines, suppression of effective treatments and lockdowns were deadlier than if we had done nothing. And they wonder why people don’t trust their governments and media.

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