If the Media and our Politicians reported honestly on Vaccines and the Virus

This is what we would be told about what we have learned in 2021

Here is the info that leads to the conclusions numbered below https://swprs.org/covid-vaccines-a-reality-check/

Informed Consent people.

1) In 2021, covid vaccines likely saved several hundred thousand lives, but they may also have caused or triggered about 100,000 deaths and many more injuries globally.

2) Covid vaccine protection, initially very high, decreases substantially within about half a year and it collapsed against the immune-evasive, but apparently milder omicron variant.

3) The risk of covid vaccine injuries increases with additional booster doses, and several countries have already suspended various covid vaccines partially or completely.

4) For healthy and lean adults below 40 years of age, as well as for healthy children and adolescents, the risk/benefit ratio of covid vaccination does not appear to be favorable.

5) “Vaccination passports” and covid vaccination mandates have no medical or epidemio­logical justification. Coercing people into getting vaccinated must be seen as a crime against humanity.

6) Ultimately, the covid pandemic will be ended not by vaccination, which cannot prevent transmission, but by widespread natural immunity, already achieved in several parts of the world.

Number 4 and 5 are what makes the continuous push from our politicians that we need to vaccinate ourselves into a double or triple jabbed country, is just ill judged speculation at best and down right pre meditated lies at worst.

The Supreme Court started Friday and is currently hearing oral arguments about the legality and legitimacy of vaccine mandates. This is a biggie.

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