If this was a who-dun-it scene

And we had to ask our COVID response team what happened, what would they deduce?

It is a little more than anecdotally now that people are experiencing more health issues than before.

Putting aside the COVID-19 disease itself we are experiencing our friends and family experience.

  • A spike in ambulance call outs
  • A spike in cardiac arrests
  • A spike in blood clots
  • A spike in Shingkes
  • A spike in hepatitis in kids
  • Sudden Adult Death syndrome
  • A spike in cancer
  • A triple amount of life insurance payouts
  • ACC claims
  • Drop in fertility
  • A spike in still born babies
  • A spike in athletes dying or unable to perform
  • Spike in Bells Palsy

And a whole lot more that all started during the vaccine roll out.

But all you hear is authorities are scratching their heads as to what the cause could be.

So if our collective brains trust were to be sent to this outbreak (of sorts), what would they come up with as the the cause?

Michael Baker:
it is uncertain what could have caused
the spread but shows the importance of
wearing masks

Shaun Hendy:
Modelling shows us that while there is
some rubbish on the floor, there could be
30 cubic meters of rubbish arriving any
time and so stay inside for 3 weeks

The Media:
Dog narrowly escapes harm from outbreak,
thankfully he was up to date with his vaccinations.
Authorities are looking for potential suspects but
say it could be months before they can process
all the evidence

The Government:
We can’t rule out online hate and people
not taking their booster shots. We know that
the best protection from this sort of spread is
to wear your mask even at home and don’t
listen to the Russian disinformation.

Ministry of Health:
While we are still scratching our head as to
The root cause of the spread, it may take
decades to fully understand how spreads
like this originate from, anyone who claims
they know, are speculating at best.


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