If we don’t stand up now we won’t have a country left to stand up for.

We keep agreeing to lock down for every new variant but to what end? The arrival of new variants is so far timed perfectly to ensure perpetual lockdowns. Soon every Mum and Dad owned retail business in New Zealand will be wiped out. Only the megastores and supermarkets will remain. Under the guise of ‘ensuring low costs and supply’ will the government use its new emergency powers of taking businesses off people to take state ownership of these last remaining businesses?

It’s a very good plan if you want to push towards a socialist state. Soon many will be too poor to press ahead with plans to build and our building industry will begin to collapse. The cost of the few homes being built will sky rocket. If you think house prices are increasing fast now, this is nothing compared to what a true supply squeeze can do. This is what causes the insane price movements of Bitcoin.

The printing of more money to keep everyone going is already causing massive inflation. Soon it will be hyper inflation. We keep doing this, and most of the above is not just likely, it is the only possible outcome. Before you know it we’re the next Venuzuela and if you think that’s ridiculous try to understand that Venezuela was a wealthier country than New Zealand that fell under less difficult circumstances to a socialist leader not unlike Ardern. It can happen to us.

Turn up to all the protests, stop vilifying people who are or aren’t vaccinated, stop scanning in, don’t enforce the traffic light system, refuse to close your stores. If we don’t stand up now we won’t have a country left to stand up for.

Share this message widely, be proud and outspoken if you agree with it, don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.

When Injustice Becomes Law Resistance Becomes Duty -THOMAS JEFFERSON- -  America's best pics and videos

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