If you want a hint of what kind of people the Ukraine extremists are…

These are the ones who are really in charge of Ukraine.


Ukranian military, with Big Tech’s eager aid, actually bragged to the Washington Post about their psychopathology: they used facial recognition software to identify dead Russian soldiers, then mined social media to find that dead Russian’s mother, and then called her up to show her a picture of her dead son. And they are proud of this!

The reality is that a relatively small group of people can be the dominating force in a region. This doesn’t mean that Ukrainians are all Neo-Nazi psychopaths. Quite the opposite, most just want to get in with their lives. But then you have a percentage of the population who are very anti Russian, antisemitic and aggressive.

It is Just like the effects on a town that a dominating gang can have even if they are a small percentage of the people in town. If they are armed and aggressive then the whole town will live in fear.

This hatred goes back a long way as they blame the Russians and the Jewish influence for many of the historical atrocities that occurred under the rule of the USSR.

There is much history there and these sorts of depravity show just how much Ukraine is a country with deep rooted hatred towards the Russian speaking Ukrainians.

The removal of this element in society can only be a good thing. The MSM is busy telling you there are not Nazi’s in Ukraine. They may not be actual Nazi’s but they work out of the same song book.

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