I’m So Confused!

Jacinda this morning has said we shouldn’t blame this Papatoetoe family for not following the rules while they were meant to be self isolating. You know, they went to work, KFC, worked out at the gym, attended polytech. They didn’t understand or there were ‘language issues’. So if she wants us to be kind (oh boy do I hate that phrase now) doesn’t want us to be angry at them for literally closing down the country, who should we be angry at?Maybe it should be at Jacinda herself? Would she take blame for not seeing these idiots were put in quarantine?There are accounts of people defecating themselves, kids vomiting in their cars at the 7 hour queues at checkpoints to return to Auckland. One elderly woman sitting in her own filth for hours. I bet they’re happy the PM has told them to be more understanding of those that didn’t follow simple directions. Everything about this latest lock down, from the lead up to it, the implementation and the effects it’s having elsewhere tells me the wheels have fallen off.

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