Ineptus Maximus

Given Planet-b’s commitment to balance in all literary matters – I smell a Tui ad somewhere in that statement, but I digress, the Editorial board have excluded or are undecided on the following titles;


Woods, M (2022): NZHNZ (working title)

A beginners guide to the best emergency hotels and motels in NZ Housing NZ.

Robertson, G (2022): What do you mean you can’t get a loan?

An expert’s guide to raising sovereign debt based on pixie dust fiscal policy

Ghahraman, G (2022): The Taliban – Good guys really

The fictional tale of how a former refugee watched a western government fund the Taliban and did and said nothing (working title Hypocrite in Action)

Fatupaito, S (late 2021) In my back pocket.

An experts’ guide into using the Prime Minister to increase your criminal influence. 

NZ Defense Force (NZDF): (2021) MIQ by dummies



I know I’m your puppet but you can’t put you hand up there Nanaia. (Anon)

The myth of child poverty as told by conspiracy theorists (Ardern, J)

Barely surviving on $300K plus a year by sitting comfortably in parliament with a knife in your back (Little & Robertson)

Snnnniiiiiiiiiffffffff    Ahhhhh!! (Author withheld)

Caught doing it doggy style; nine months later (Name withheld)

John Wayne was right, especially about Invercargill Indians.  (A party leaders’ retort on how to be made a fool of using your own contradictory statements) (Anon)

我已经在南太平洋拥有基地 Wǒ yǐjīng zài nán tàipíngyáng yǒngyǒu jīdì.  Xi, J

(I already own bases in the South Pacific)

I’m baaaack (guess who the author of this one will be)


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