Insane in the Membrane

Has Arderns power trip reached maximum voltage yet or is there still a lot more in the tank.

We may not have to wait too long to see. Soon with the messaging that will be a tad contradictory, we may see a new level of obfuscation. we will soon be told that the unvaccinated need to get vaccinated by a medication that is working for those that have had it and the vaccinated will be told they need another jab because the stuff that is protecting their whanau, no longer works.

This is going to be an interesting pitch and also we can’t wait to see if they want us to jab our 5 – 12 year old children. There may be a few people who have been forced to take the voluntary medication that won’t want any part of this.

There will no doubt be the ultra pro vaccine crowd that will happily let everyone they know take part in this big pharma corporate welfare, but I suggest it may be the final straw for many more.

The amount of people who think the vaccine double jab was all they needed to do, are about to wake up to a new dawn. Those that think the vaccine was voluntary and think that their lives won’t be affected, are also in for a nasty surprise.

Being an underclass rebellion will come with a smack in the face bit of reality soon and it’s more than just some of your friends and family thinking you are a dick head.

Some more of us will cave. Some for good reasons and some through the reality of just how excluded you will be.

This is occurring, all while the message a short while ago from Fuhrer Ardern was, “no one will be excluded if they choose not to take the Jab.”

Ardern was so popular she thought that all the sheep would say Cindy said so and her bonus (or whatever kickback she is on for hitting 90%) would be a walk in the park.

But when that reality looked less likely, then Ardern flipped into tyrant mode. The mask was off and dictator ‘Dern was born.

With her close knit team of Major Hipkins and General Robertson, not far behind, on their power inebriation, we must be close to reaching peak tyranny.

The question is, with more people thinking the country is going in the wrong direction than in the right direction (a statistic not seen since Helen Clark had almost reached the end of her 9 years). Will this bring a more humble and passive leadership style from our student politicians?

I somehow doubt it. The lunatics are running the wards.

So drunk on power is she I see metamorphosis is still not complete. There is more in this play book yet and we are about to enter the summer of disorientation.

This social experiment has now pathed the way to a socialist state set of directives aimed at controlling the herd. Tracked, traced and issued with papers

When are the more centred and non dictatorship driven labour team members going to reign in the Fuhrer, or even better cross the house to show they no longer have confidence in this regime?

If not they may well see themselves as tarnished with the same brush as the pretty communist.

They will not be remembered well by most.

More are waking up

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