Insurrection eh?



  1. a violent uprising against an authority or government.

We now know the police officer wasn’t killed with a fire extinguisher he died of natural causes.

A few other people died of natural causes and one unarmed protester was murdered by a unknown police officer.

The people who were at the protest at Capital Hill were peaceful protestors. Evidence of this is the police didn’t see the need to put on riot gear, video footage shows people walking through the buildings peacefully and there were some trouble makers who many we now know are BLM and Antifa agitators.

None of the arrested had firearms on them and Ashlee Babbitt, the only homicide victim, had only a blanket and a flag on her person when she was shot. Hardly offensive.

So, calling the capital protest an insurrection seems a little far fetched.

Listen to this part of the hearing linked below, about this so called worst moment since the civil war.

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