Inventor of mRNA technology banned from Twitter for reading from Pfizer data sheet.

Dr Robert Malone is one of the best equipped people to advice on the technology given he is the father of mRNA treatment delivery systems.

He did not invent the vaccine but he did invent mRNA as a procedure for which Pfizer and Modena used to deliver the “vaccine.”

He is vaccinated, not an antivax person and believes in a targeted approach to the jab. Weighing up the risks is the key and he doesn’t believe giving it to children is worth the risk.

So why did he get banned from Twitter? Because he pointed out the risks.

Fascism is the combination of when the state and big businesses become one in ruling over the people mixed with censorship of the press.

Sound familiar? It certainly isn’t informed consent when you are told the risk of not taking the vaccine is losing your job and the vaccine is safe and effective.

It is pretty clear the vaccine push is now political and has moved away from science. Changing the definition of a vaccine to allow these jabs to be called a vaccine is a good indication of where science departed this journey.

Another area is the fact that in the USA the FDA gave approval for the Pfizer’s jab that has never become available to the public and they are still receiving the emergency use version even if this was approved 4 months ago.

Someone has dreamed up replacing the labels to bring the approval in line however the fact this is illegal may slow this idea down. But probably not.

How much longer is the virus going to be milked to make people where useless masks and ongoing injections that are likely doing their immunity more damage than the virus ever would harm them.

3 months, 1 year, 2 years?

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