IPCC and Predetermined Outcomes

Many of you will have heard of climategate.

It is deemed a conspiracy theory by much of the MSM and even good old Wikipedia does the job of debunking the email scandal. Surprise surprise the so called “Fact Checkers” came to the rescue.

However, if you want to look at what was really going on, the Climate Nexus team have a great presentation on just how nefarious the actions of the IPCC contributing scientists were.

A classic case of getting your data to prove a predetermined outcome which is not the scientific method.

This is the organisation that provides advice that the majority of policy makers, such as Jacinda “oil and gas ban” Ardern use to make decisions.

Is this a case of scientists egos being more important than credible work, or is there something more sinister at play.

Watching an ex IPCC scientist give testimony of how she was bullied by other scientists when questioning the validity of their work, would suggest it could be either.

Must watch presentation on climategate and the fudging of data to “hide the decline”

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