So someone posts on your Facebook page that “if you don’t like New Zealand go live somewhere else” all because you point out that Buying property (with tax payer money) that was occupied by people who didn’t own the land – is probably a bad idea.

They come in your page and basically say fit in to my reality or fuck off

And when you point out what a condescending and sanctimonious little upstart comment that is, on your own page, and I get a freaken ban🤔

Well Rebecca I will reword my rebuttal tomorrow. You enjoy counting the dags on your sheeplike butt while I dwell on my fragrant abuse of the Facebook community standards whilst in the naughty corner

I wonder if Zuckerberg’s $500,000,000 election interference under the guise of aiding the community actually broke the community standards called electoral law? We may never know but it seems that the west in creating its own great divide with the Liberal mind thinking it needs to tell every conservative the er of their ways.

The sanctimony knows no bounds

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