Is it time for younger leadership in National?

I suggested a we while back that a dark horse could be Erica Stanford as leader for National.

Just like Ardern was a fresh face in labour that resonated with the public, who seem to prefer personality over policies, could Erica give National a much needed boost?.

Some younger and certainly less tarnished leadership could give National the look they need to get the party closer to being a contender at an election.

Week opposition is dangerous, it leads to the acting government becoming unaccountable to the public. Over confidence and getting away with what they want to leads to bad policy and undemocratic legislation being passed.

With big issues like 3 waters, hate speech and multitudes of other policies being pushed through. The added challenge of a lack of media holding the Government to account, means strong opposition is imperative.

Judith Colin’s is getting nothing but bad press, she is not resonating with the voters and unfortunately even with ACT stronger than ever, the green/red combo is too far in front of the opposition paries.

It is better for all of us of the dividing line is down the middle. The Government of the day needs to work for their jobs in fear of being ousted at the next election.

There is no room for arrogance which unfortunately the labour benches are full of right now.

Changing leadership like changing underpants is not a good idea. But if we look at Labour’s efforts while they were in opposition, it took them 5 leadership changes from Helen Clark to find their winner.

Erica would be Nationals 5th leader after their last winning leader was at the helm. She is also a fresh faced young lady who is well spoken and has a good story behind her.

Not to mention she can skull a jug of beer faster than Bob Hawke could.

I think it’s time. Does Erica?

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