Is MSM fake news?

This from a friend of ours…

I honestly wouldn’t care if trump loses the 2020 election, but I am very worried that a lot of my friends and people around me are happy sipping the soup of lies that continues to spew forth on main stream media tv. As time goes on it is obvious the MSM are suppressing truth and facts.Since I was a little kid I was told that lying is not a quality to boast, to hold honest my intentions always and hold my word as a man.Anyone that knows me should know that I hold my head up high when it comes to being honest and transparent as possible, while I strive for being correct I also am willing to be corrected.I do not teach my kids to lie, I do not stand for lies to be told, and I have got rid of anyone around me that chooses lies over truth.I have never been a fan of news as they always have a negative attitude, or cover the negative stories.News is not news anymore, it is propaganda to the extreme. Only points of view THEY wish you to see are shown.I just want people to open their eyes some more. In this day of information and tech the game is strong and people are trying to win at ANY cost.This includes at the cost of humanity and reason.

By Dayna Jury

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