Is Musk part of the solution or the problem?

Musk has upset a lot of liberals with his purchase and subsequent privatisation of Twitter.

Citing the need for free speech and the toxic partisan cancel culture of the Twitter code writers as his reason to purchase it

This may be welcome news for those that have had the Twitter algorithms ban them from joining the the twottersphere. However, is Musk the rebel billionaire who will set us free from the globalist agenda, or is he just another tool in the ever growing reach of the elite takeover.

One of Musks projects is trans-humanism and chipping the human brain is closer to reality than many realise with musks creation in 2016 of Neuralink.

The goal is to connect the human brain to a computer.

The part of this that is a little disconcerting (well one of) is it is something that fits well within Klaus Schwab’s dream of the fourth industrial revolution.

As kids we saw movies where the future humans had electronics as part of their make up and we all shrugged our shoulders and thought, sure in a few hundred years we will probably be part animal part robot.

Well here you go

“Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum are ecstatic that transhumanist Elon Musk will start testing brain implants in humans this year.”

Link below

This is straight out of science fiction but it seems we need to now call this science non fiction.

Hands up who wants to be a guinea pig for a microchip attached to your brain.

Now setting up a company designed to connect your brain to a computer doesn’t make you an evil globalist. Musks intentions may well be of betterment to the human development.

It is however, a step closer to an interconnected digitalised existence and is seemingly racing towards a world where a digital ID is just a minor start to some kind of cross between The Matrix, Tron, and just about every other science fiction movie.

What do we think, worth a crack or give it a wide birth.?

I’d rather contemplate simple science fiction conundrums such as

Beam me up Scotty


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