Not once, ever, has a New Zealand media outlet reported on the true cause of NZ’s multi-billion-dollar housing crisis which is Immigration.

TVNZ never reports on Immigration. They never report on the million dollars a day it is costing taxpayers to hide homeless Kiwis in motels or the huge rent and mortgage poverty caused by the catastrophic housing bubble tied directly to immigration numbers.

RadioNZ has been caught redacting information from government papers before reporting on them to ‘help out’ the government.

RNZ has recently turned off all comments on any of their social media content because criticism of the government has been getting stronger.

For years the NZHerald and Newstalkzb – both divisions of NZME – have reported on NZ’s rockstar economy. An economy which has seen NZ go to the top of the OECD for homelessness. Seen record data on pollution and environmental damage, and the accumulation of half a trillion dollars of total debt, as John Key and Jacinda Ardern have used Immigration to manipulate employment numbers by keeping Kiwis employed building houses, funded with hundreds of billions of dollars of debt.

Jacinda Ardern has been asked in parliament and refused to answer questions, that media who are funded from her $55 million journalism fund are not allowed to criticise He Puapua or anything to do with the Waitangi Tribunal. (the criticism of the ‘Three Waters’ theft is as corrupt as the confiscation.)

But the true corruption that the $55 million dollar Journalism fund buys, is silence.

Silence and under reporting, on the most damaging topics to Jacinda and the Labour Party.

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