Is the game still being played?

It seems that some people haven’t given up on the theory that we are about to see the big reveal.

“Don’t despair” is the encouraging words we are given, “the pieces of the puzzle are now all in place.“

Leaving it a bit late is my initial thoughts, but I of course hope that they are right and there is at least one more twist and turn left.

Was the Georgia run off part of a larger sting operation? One that was designed to catch the election manipulation in the act?

People who claim to have intelligence info are suggesting it is the final moments before the big show. All the pieces of the puzzle are in place.

Having heard it now for years that the swamp will be drained, witnessing the apparent failure that was Bill Barr as Attorneys General, the total disappearance of Durham and his so called criminal investigation and the way Trump has been totally abandoned by many Republicans. It really makes me wonder if there is (in this last 2 weeks of Trumps tenure) a final play that ends in all the arrests we have been waiting impatiently for. And exposes the corruption that we have been led to believe will be ended once and for all.

We know the corruption is there, we know about the Clinton’s, uranium 1, Deleted emails, we know about Biden’s and Barisma, systemic centralised voter fraud, Chinese bribes and spy’s, and the mysterious manoeuvre’s of billionaire funded Antifa gangs.

But two weeks out, we are to believe this is all a game of 3d, 4d or 5d chess and the final pieces are in place?

Little messages of hope are delivered to us, letters from Italy claiming the Vatican owned satellites were involved with the election scam, mysterious tech inventors claiming they can use nano technology to expose fake ballots, claims that vote machines were connected to the internet and were broadcasting off shore for vote manipulation.

Are all these sound bytes the work of disinformation designed to fool us and keep the faith alive? To give as false hope that some corruption will be exposed and Trump won’t just end up being an orange footnote in the history books?

If you have followed this election closely and not through the mainstream media, you may have noticed there are two main narrative’s.

One is a seemingly QAnon type of theory that the good guys are on the verge of completing the job, the bad guys are about to reach the day of reckoning and we will be shocked to the core as to what has gone on.

This theory is helped along by people such as Michael Flynn, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell and ex Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne. All who are directly involved with various FBI misadventures.

Listening to them talk is like the revelation that we are living through one of the greatest Spy agency conspiracy stories of all time.

They have made bold claims but to date haven’t delivered us anything tangible to be able to say aha, got ya!

Powell has done great work exposing the FBI corruption on Michael Flynn, but nothing yet on the smoking gun for election fraud.

Then we have the likes of legal and Constitutional expert Robert Barnes, who is suggesting that the election is over and will lead to significant electoral reform and deliver a more powerful Trump in 2024.

This is more simplistic and in many ways more believable. As much as A Sidney Powell Kraken would be great about now, the sand in the hourglass is running dangerously low for any such creature to clean a swamp.

So, after saying all that, here is the latest little piece of info. It may keep the hope alive that the final few weeks will still deliver us this elusive swamp daring Kraken.

What do you think?

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