Is the next bull run around the corner?

It sure looks that way! Check out the latest news!

  1. Bitcoins hashrate has risen to 120 exahashes per second for the first time since it plunged last month. That’s more than double. Bitcoins price is closely linked to this hash rate!

2. CNBC just reported Bitcoin mining isn’t nearly as bad for the environment as it used to be, new data shows.

3. Bank of America approved Bitcoin Futures trading for some clients, some are already set up & live

4. Rothchild Investment Corp more than tripled it’s Bitcoin exposure in Q2!

5. Ark Invest (Cathy Wood is CEO) bought another $13million pounds worth of Bitcoin through the Greyscale fund in the last 2 days!

6. German Bank Comdirect now offers 11 Cryptocurrency ETP’s in savings plan!

7. Amazon are hiring Crypto experts to build a payment network!

8. Axie Infinity players are earning $80USD per day & just hit an all time high, again! One month ago it was $3.5USD & now sits at $41.53USD at time of posting which is a 1070% increase in value!

9. The Bitcoin Lightening Network is growing at a blistering pace!

10. Wealthy Investors have been buying this dip, bigtime! They’ve now added +96,044 Bitcoin (BTC) to their holdings in the last 3 weeks!

11. And lastly, the author of this article bought more Bitcoin today too! 🙂

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