Israel Mortality Update

Recently we shared that there was an increase in All-Cause Mortality in the over 65 year olds of Israel occurring at the same time as the vaccine roll out.

It has been confirmed with the release of the week 9 and week 10 mortality data.

At this stage they have not identified what is causing the increase but it might be a good time to find out given the draconian measures that Israel has adopted with the vaccine.

A video has emerged of a concerned Israeli woman claiming that if you are unvaccinated you are being treated as a second rate citizen.

Given the birth of the Nuremberg Code was a post WWII convention halting forced medical practices due to the medical experiments conducted without consent in war time Germany, it seems very odd that Israel has decided to force their entire country to take part in experimental vaccines.

Definitely one to watch and the full SPR article is linked below which includes the video of the Israeli woman and her concerns on the police state that Israel has become.

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