Israel the test case that no one is talking about

While Ardern was doing a little dance because NZ was covid free, Israel was ensuring that it was the first cab off the rank when it came to securing vaccines for its population.

Israel offered to be the test nation as part of its deal to secure the Pfizer vaccine. So in real terms is the ideal place to see how well the vaccine roll out has gone, particularly when you actually have cases occurring. Something New Zealand is about to experience.

For some reason however, our political medical advisors do not seem to be as keen to look at this data as you would imagine they should.

We are busy being told to go get boosted with the same concoction that both all vaccinated New Zealanders have already had twice, and what many Israelis are now having for the fourth time.

So the Jabathon, that is Israels journey into curtailing the infections, has seen Israel go through several stages of infection rates, but lets look at what we know

Time line of Israels Journey

February 15, 2020 Israel has 7 cases. Not having the benefit of knowing well in advance that there was a pandemic brewing, Israel had the virus in the community at the point they needed to take measures to prevent a full-blown outbreak.

4 weeks later Israel had identified 190 community cases and had just started to enforce social distancing and other measures to restrict the spread. on March 20 they registered their first death.

2 months into the detection of the first case, Israel had reached over 12,000 cases and 126 people with COVID had perished. I am not going to focus on the deaths in this article as these are a rather arbitrary number given anyone with COVID makes this statistic regardless of the cause of death.

The case numbers increased while the Government waited for the silver bullet vaccination to arrive. They had adopted the standard measures of many nations including the closing of schools, stopping gatherings and preventing any activities that could spread the disease like shopping in malls, going to beaches or swimming pools etc etc.

By the 19th of December, when they administered their first vaccine jab, they had reached the number of 373,114 cases of COVID out of their 9.3 million population.

Israel started jabbing their inhabitants on the 19th of December based on the info from Pfizer telling them that they had developed a safe and effective vaccine.

At this point about 4% of the population had been infected. They set out rolling out the jab campaign and introduced vaccine passes and restrictions on those that hadn’t had the jab.

From December 19, 2020 till August 1, 2021 they jabbed away getting a great deal of the population vaccinated. Over this time they went from 4% of the population having been infected to just under 10% of the population.

However, rather than slowing down in infections, they were now experiencing quite a dramatic acceleration and it was suggested they start giving everyone another jab, now known as the first booster. Over the next 3 months they gave 2/3rds of the vaccinated another shot. Over this relatively short time frame they went from 10% of the country having been infected to almost 15%.

From the time they had given a good chunk of the population 2 shots till the time they had given these folk another shot, they went from 877,000 infections to 1.3 million. About a 25% increase again than what they had experienced the entire time prior to the vaccine even being available

Then Omicron came along. Israel has now reached 30% of its population testing positive to the virus (2,830,166 in total). More than 2/3rds of these have come since the majority of the population has had 3 jabs and half of all of Israels infections in 2 years of the pandemic have come within the month of January 2022 alone. At that point 71% of the double jabbed are now triple jabbed.

They are at the 4th jab moment and questions are being asked from scientists over the strategy being adopted.

So when your Government tells you to go get the third jab, you would not be at all being foolish to wonder if they have even bothered to look at the Israel data or any scientific evidence at all.

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