It ain’t half cold mom.

Military aged fresh enlistee’s from southern Donetsk, many who have never held a gun before, get a send off with a concert from a popular Russian singer/guitarist.

The eastern part of Ukraine is the focus of the Russian military action. And these fresh fodder are about to be dispatched to help encircle the 60,000 Ukraine troops that have been cut off from the west.

Interesting fun fact. Russia is the largest exporter of wheat in the world followed by Ukraine in second place.

In 2020 (the latest data available on Russia imports to NZ. 15% of our oil requirements come from Russia.

Europe is reliant on Russian energy with 75% of Germany’s Natural Gas coming from Russia.

The USA’ s hunger for oil has Russia being the second largest provider of oil to Biden’s America.

At the moment people are weary of buying Russian oil however, this will likely not last long which could see a reduction in oil prices when the market is instructed to trade Russian oil.

While the UN delegates spew out endless propaganda of how much violence and military action is going on., in this day of everyone having a phone and rapid ability to upload this footage, the war has been strangely devoid of action.

There seems to be more footage of movies, documentaries, old military action from as far away as Israel and even footage from computer games that are filling in the gaps. All fake news of course.

However there are definitely fighting going on as the locals attest too in the south.

Talks remain between the two Nations and we hope a resolve can be met that ends this as sensibly as that can be achieved.

We also wait for the west to realise that their isn’t all that much they can do but wait and see what comes next. Something that the people of Taiwan must be concerned about. They live in the comfort that if the mothership that is China arrives to take back what she believes belongs to her, that the USA will save the day.

What is becoming glaringly obvious to most including China and Taiwan is that the USA doesn’t have the capacity nor desire to be “America, Fuck Yeah” international police, that they had hoped for.

The USA certainly doesn’t want to be fighting Russia and China.

This conflict is certainly looking like the end of the world as we know it. let’s hope the real vaulters are the globalist agendas of Soros, Schwab and all the other megalomaniacs that have shaped the world in the past 100 years.

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