It can only be a PanDumbic

So every year I buy my staff a single Christmas cup.  Just one, not a set.  Really aggravates the OCD in them.  I get in early on Dec. 1st and put it on their desk.  I then hide all to ‘good’ cups, bring out all my single Christmas cups and put them in the kitchen so they have to use a Christmas cup up to the 25th of December.  Plays to my psychiatric issues by being both Christmassy and annoying at the same time.

Anywho. Went to buy the cups last night, won’t say from whom. Placed the online order and threw in a couple of other items.

About an hour later I get a call from their customer service supervisor. “Hi sir”, insert platitudes, “…and finally before we can fill this order you need to confirm you are double vaccinated”. Insert my response, none of it unprintable I just started asking questions, and providing the answers.

During my diatribe, about the irrelevance of an online order needing to provide this and the fact it was, in spite of the Prime Ministers uneducated opinion, potentially a breach of the Privacy Act, I was passed to a manager who advised me I would likely be arrested for being an aggressive customer.

Sufficed to say I placed the order with an overseas company and that NZ retailer will never see another $ of mine ever again

New conclusion for the Marketing Textbooks

The Customer is always right, right up to the point the retailer has you arrested .



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