It does get worse

About a week ago we published a meme,  “Twice vaccinated man dies of Covid, could have been worse.”

Well NZ has hit a new editorial and human low

See attached by-line

“Since his death, Hart, 40, has tested positive for the virus…”  NZ Herald 11 Nov, 2021

Obviously the Coroner has protocols, but there is a point where reporting his findings is manifestly irrelevant.  Some reporters clearly just ‘don’t get it’ or prove they are unfit to live with humans.  

Mr Hart died tragically, what relevance is there to reporting his Covid status?  To help the ‘Tard’ that wrote this justify their continued existence. Here’s 3;

1. Hart jumped in front of a gun because he had Covid, seeking a quick end from a 99.94% survivable disease 

2. The shooter shot him for having covid and infecting them or a relative (like you would shoot a child molester)

Or most likely

3. The reporter is a complete ‘cont’ (I am struggling to use a euphemism here) 

You can guess what my money is on.

At least this wasn’t the headline. 

“Man shot dead also had Covid, could have been worse.”  

Our sincerest sympathies go out to Mr Harts family, mostly that they live in a cuntree of fools. 

If you need any more proof the press are State Funded Propaganda Facilitators then you are thick. 


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