It just doesn’t add up!

In Taiwan with population similar numerically to Australia, deaths attributed to COVID-19 are less than one percent of the claimed COVID-19 death toll in Australia. The difference is that the Taiwan leadership from the beginning encouraged hydroxycholorquine and other effective treatments and prophylactics, which Australian doctors have not been permitted to prescribe. No Taiwanese politicians owe their seats to lobbyists employed by Big Pharma, and there is no danger to the Taiwanese population from any threat of a mandatory or coercive vaccine.
Ivermectin, first brought to public attention on 4 April 2020 by Australia’s Dr Kylie Wagstaff, is now widely considered superior to hydroxychloroquine. The important principle which has been trashed by the Morrisonite authoritarians is that every medical practitioner must have the right to treat each consenting patient without government interference and without bans or threats.
We cannot escape the conclusion that bans on treatments have been imposed to promote and encourage massive profiteering by vaccine manufacturers WHO HAVE BEEN INDEMNIFIED AGAINST CLAIMS for harm done by their products. Doctors must of course have the right to prescribe vaccination for their consenting patients. This goes for every other government around the world that has not followed Taiwan example at any point.

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