It seems we all now know someone who has had an adverse reaction, do you know a covid victim?

I only know of one covid death close to me (a friend of a friend) and that is the man who was shot to death whilst he had COVID.

He made the COVID count and will remain there forever because of the way COVID deaths are recorded

However, more and more people I know are having reactions to the vaccine. Some will be caused by the vaccine and some will be coincidental. There just seems to be so many coincidences happening at the moment.

My mother was in remission from Hodgkin’s disease. After an experimental medication didn’t work the tried and trusted chemo therapy provided the means for the cancer to be treated, and all was well.

After her vaccinations she developed a rare T Cell cancer. I would never suggest this could have been from the vaccine to my parents as no good can come from that comment, and there is a good chance it is simply an unfortunate coincidence.

But when you see immunologists all saying the same things about the vaccine stimulating old conditions, including cancer patients that were in remission, you do wonder just what is going on with this vaccine.

It has already killed more people than all of the past 36 years of vaccinations put together and when you learn that to make it as a COVID statistic one only needs a positive PCR test at the time of death (ah la the New Lynn shooting) to make it to the COVID death count.

When you learn that any Doctor that dares speaks out gets canceled (like the 3 today) and no debate between actual experts in the field such as viral immunologists is ever entered into, even if plenty are willing and able. Then you can call me a conspiracy theorists all you want when I claim that something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

The only ones with a consistent story however, with these vaccines, is the ones raising their concerns. 1000’s of experts have signed petitions and sent warnings. They are simply silenced and the ever evolving propaganda messages keeps the punters on edge. Who can forget the podium of truth comment from Ardern. Trust me I’m a politician.

The safe and 95 % effective vaccines are now rendered useless, the nay sayers picked it, but the propaganda wheel turns to booster shot 3 being the answer.

It’s funny how everyone believes the “tested for long term effects” message, yet no one knew we were going to have to take one every 6 months or 3 if you are a J&J Guinea pig. That’s how tested these really are.

Now we are seeing a percentage of the young being diagnosed and even dying of ailments like myocarditis, which used to be a rare disease. The propaganda machine simply tells us the deaths are coincidental and you need your booster shot to stay safe while we get on and approve more of the same for the 5-12’s, then the 6 month olds.

Another claim was the vaccinated will not have break through viruses and must be protected from the unvaccinated who will be the cause of dangerous mutations. Even though the immunologists warned you can’t vaccinate your way out of a pandemic and if the vaccine does not prevent infection it will be the vaccinated that cause vaccine resistant variants. The vaccinated got COVID and the message changes again. safe and effective on repeat.

Perhaps the third shot will be the one. It seemed to work in Israel but then how did the Indians sort out COVID before they reached 3% vaccinated?

Studies that show that the highest vaccinated regions have the most cases of COVID, these studies are swept under the carpet.

Studies show that the vaccine weakens your immune system, these are considered fringe fear mongering studies.

Studies show that the spike protein enters the cell nucleus and prevents cells being able to repair DNA. We are told these vaccines have been given to billions and are safe. How would you know when anything bad is removed from the news circulation.

I did feel sorry for the vaccinated as they did it for their fellow man, yeah right, they really did it so they can travel and be free and safe. But I now find myself being an irritation to those that have had the jabs and I am the outcast who is barred from mingling with the “good folk.” they don’t feel sorry for me, they think I am my own worst enemy.

So be it, but I too can temper my empathy for those that rushed out to take medical advice from governments and corporations who put profit over ethics.

I used to jokingly say check with your GP. Most GP’s actually know little more about immunology than anyone who takes a casual interest in the subject. This is how they sleep at night, ignorance is bliss when it comes to the Hippocrates oath.

Those GP’s that have a keener knowledge in the subject seem to be being whittled out of the business by having their licences revoked.

Here is another expert with the same story as many other experts in the field about uninterrupted side effects with the vaccine. It will fall on deaf ears but that won’t stop me sharing the other side of the story. It’s what Planet B was started for and I am not slowing down now they want to jab the children.

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