It’s A New Dawn, A New Day!

And New Zealand’s darkest day! Congratulations Miss Ardern, you have single handedly divided a nation with fear mongering, half truths & complete & utter bollocks!

You will be remembered as the worst PM we ever had!

I will never under any circumstances buy into this bullshit. I’ve never scanned in anywhere, I refuse to wear a mask & will play no part in your “Vaccine Passport” aka the beginning stages of a totalitarian/authoritarian state! The end goal, the prize if you will for the elites is brain washing the population into using a digital passport to go about your day.

I wonder how many will be lining up for a digital implant with their entire life’s history & fiscal position all controlled by the state. Make sure you are a good boy or the sycophants in Wellington will have you living in a cave!

Remember this movie?

No crisis in Gladstone | The Courier Mail
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