Its just like a wasgij

What happens if…..

Just sitting looking at the list of countries that have turned their back on the so called western bloc at the UN (let’s be honest it’s a pretty small bloc now, but at least it has great story tellers/propagandists)

It has never been denied that NZ, to facilitate its drive to renewable resources, no longer mines clean coal, but is importing dirty Indonesian coal in ever increasing volumes, to run extremely dirty coal fired power stations to support green technologies that rely on electric power.

(yes a long winded way of saying Labour and the Greens are morons). 

So why the Wasgij reference?  Well a Wasgij is a Jigsaw where you have to guess what the picture looks like (its not the one on the Box.)

So what happens if the tiff between the Russian and Ukrainian despots/dictators escalates and they start putting pressure on Trade partners to not trade outside their respective ‘blocs on influence’.  

Unlikely you say, well look at how much fun Germany is having at the moment with no gas or oil.  Russia knows it will work.

So What if….

China, who is already cutting us off, cuts us off further and we lose our largest market for sale of our primary produce and source of reasonably priced manufacturing. What if they ask for their money back?

Russia who already buys our wool surreptitiously through nondescript shelf companies (and has done since the early 80’s after we kept selling it to them secretly, to make uniforms for soldiers to fight the Afghanis’ (Taliban)), simply stops buying.

The big one will be what happens if Indonesia turns off is direct coal vein to Huntly,  how you gonna charge the EV you already struggle to charge? 

In fact if you go through the list of 73 countries that no longer support the US at the UN, the top 15 or so, by terminating ties with NZ may well make 7% inflation looking simply delightful.  


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