It’s no longer about if it came from a lab. It’s how much did Fauci know.

Fauci’s performances are getting more and more ludicrous.

The evidence mounting shows Fauci not only knew exactly what was going on with the Wuhan lab, but was part of the campaign to silence anyone (no matter how highly qualified they were) to help keep people off the scent that he is culpable for the events of the past two years.

On top of that he also ran smear champagnes on detractors of the response he conducted calling them fringe scientists. It happens that these “fringe scientists were from little known centres Harvard, Oxford and Stanford universities

Latest exchange between Rand Paul and Fauci below

Everything that Rand Paul hits him with are in the emails released in FOIA requests.

His arguments have ranged from, “I am the Science” to, “these are just attacks on me personally.”

In this latest bout he accused Paul of endangering his life. because a nutter was off to a Washington with in AR15.

If you want to see more evidence of what Fauci knew and did watch the first 12 minutes of the below email

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