It’s not a bloody “Loop Hole”

Don’t know what we are doing but we’ll give it a crack!

Ardern and Robertson keep calling the stopping of claiming a legitimate business deduction, a “loop hole” that they are tidying up.

“Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has defended Labour’s housing policy despite backlash from across the political spectrum. She told The AM Show on Mondaythe tax loophole “needs to go”, despite investors threatening to hike rents.”

Claiming interest costs of a business loan as a business expense is not a loop hole.

They might not like it, but it is incredibly deceitful to call it a loop hole.

It would be akin to stopping an Uber driver from claiming the loan payments on his car. Or being able to claim the petrol costs, calling the substance that makes the car go a loop hole for vehicle operators. Mind you, the Climate Commission may still have their say here.

The Government is now treading on ground where only fools walk, and they will soon realise why you should avoid these kinds of sweeping changes.

These policies are so loaded with unintended consequences that it will not just be their own demise that they should be concerning themselves with.

Treating landlords as some greedy money grabbing tyrants will do as much to help the poorer find secure housing, as Ardern’s claim of “kindness” has made one bit of difference to the plight of the impoverished.

While Robertson’s own constituency is now deemed too dangerous to safely walk around at night, ironically due to emergency housing occupants, he tries to fix the entire countries housing supply.

So far above their heads now are the government that they have taken to trying to stop the press reporting on their poor efforts. Do we here of another bailout package to those press outlets that tow-the-line?

Housing has already cost Twyford his ministerial position and Meagan Woods is now in deep witness protection. How long before she is shifted sideways for another clueless over paid out of their depth Labour Party puppet to take on this poison chalice.

As for those unintended consequences.

That waiting list which is now over 22,000 families waiting for public housing, which way do we think that is going to go?

I’ll leave you with a half truth from Phil Twyford when he took on the housing portfolio.

“It’s going to get a lot worse, before it gets better”

Phil Twyford on the housing challenge ahead of labour in 2017

He got the first half of that statement very accurate.

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