It’s not just ScoMo

Today’s headline on elimination in Stuff.

“Scott Morrison suggested hiding from the Delta variant was unrealistic, but Michael Baker believes NZ is “in a good position” mixing jabs and lockdowns.”

This morning we hear our so called health experts are clinging on to the elimination theory.

Brushing off comments from Scott Morrison and sticking to the belief that elimination is the best option.

It’s as desperate as that late night pokie player shoving in his last $20 note in the machine, hoping to win the jackpot.

If the vaccine had been proven to stop you getting the virus, if it had been successful in stopping you transmitting it and then, if it had been swiftly rolled out. Then yes I can buy into an elimination strategy.

But none of those 3 key objectives has been a reality.

So how exactly can we achieve an Elimination Strategy?

A combination of jabs and lock downs? Sorry Baker you need to go.

We can’t rely on the vaccine, we can’t rely on the border not leaking. The only option is to isolate Aotearostan from the rest of the world, forever.

I’d imagine that plenty of people would be happy with this. So soaked in fear from the propaganda, that is not just coming from the press, but also our officials. That many would happily say close the borders forever.

Bloomfield was at pains to say this isn’t just like the flu. It’s worse than the flu.

Citing the UK stats and suggesting 10 people per day would die from it.

Latest figures from the UK have close to 150,000 unvaccinated, under 50 year olds hospitalised from the virus. 48 of these died.

The older folk didn’t fare as well but hidden in this reality is people who are in nursing homes, many who die with Covid, not from it.

If you want to label everyone who die with Covid, as a Covid fatality, then how about we go back and see how deadly the flu really is.

Influenza didn’t make it to death certificates the same way Covid does.

You can test negative for Covid twice prior to death, and still be counted as a Covid fatality.

Heck, you can die in a motorcycle accident and make the Covid list.

I’m sorry, our health experts are now the problem, not the virus.

I like to pick on Michael Baker, it’s pretty clear he is in la la land with his suggestions.

Our diploma holding public health expert is clearly more interested in the accolades of being labeled our leading epidemiologist, rather than being anywhere near a sensible solution.

It’s a bit like calling me the head chef at home. Technically it’s true, but I’m not sure any restaurant would be eying me up for a 4 star head chef position.

New Zealand is deservingly now the laughing stock of the world.

As I said, it’s not just ScoMo who is pointing out we are deluded.

Actual leading epidemiologists around the world have commented on New Zealand’s strategy. Good luck, is what they say in what can only be as much sarcasm as it is genuine well wishes.

Time to remove politics from the decision making. We have our celebrity scientists making decisions.

Here is Siouxsie Wiles on the job.

Problem is, she is busy working on her job of gaining celebrity status.

Whilst appearing on a celebrity prime time TV comedy show is not a crime in itself. It’s the motivation that is questionable.

How many scientists that help solve some of mankind’s biggest challenges, took time away from the lab to star on a charade show. It’s so ironic that it’s probably lost on the limelight seeking celebrity scientists.

No, it’s time to gather together a true set of health experts that aren’t joined at the hip with our politicians. Let’s get real experts and get them making decisions.

Michael Baker left medical school and did what exactly? Did he practice medicine, did he go into his lifelong dream of helping kids by being a paediatrician?

No, he went on to be the advisor to the minister of Health, straight from medical school.

Sound familiar with our latest bunch of political leaders?

Into politics before he could write a prescription for a headache.

And there you have the problem.

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