It’s simply the nature of humans

Why would thousands of random, unconnected New Zealanders lie about personal stories of adverse vaccine reactions ranging from mild to immediate deaths?

What do they have to gain by doing such? Who benefits most, some average random people with no fiscal or power motive, or those in government, media and certain pharmaceutical companies who directly benefit in terms of career, financial and social power?

It’s not a conspiracy but common sense to understand that humans respond to incentives. A journalist who speaks against the government line will soon have no job (as proven many times in the last few years), Pfizer gets hundreds of millions of dollars from our government with no liability for damages (the exact amount paid remains secret) and the government gains the biggest power grab in the history of the nation.

Innocent people who say “I don’t know why the government would lie”, well that’s because you’re innocent, naïve and don’t think like the sort of people who end up in power. Why would any government in history take advantage of a crisis to gain more power and control over a population?

It’s simply the nature of humans throughout history, it hasn’t and will never stop.

Cui Bono?

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