It’s time for the ministry of health to release raw data on vaccine status of infections and the hospitalised

In this article linked above, a statistical analysis of the vaccine efficacy in regard to key data points is marred by the health officials lumping of certain data sets together. An example is the unvaccinated being combined with single shot jabbed people.

You have to wonder why they have done this. Could it be the picture isn’t so hot on the vaccine efficacy?

The way that data on the COVID crisis has been presented all through this pandemic is so skewed in the direction of an existential catastrophe it beggars belief.

The death clock counts everyone with COVID, the adverse effects data counts nobody and now the data on the efficacy of the vaccine is now being skewed to screw the scrum as it were.

Never the less, the government data still shows that the vaccine silver bullet might be closer to a silver pet goldfish treadmill.

If you are 6 times more likely to get an infection after being vaccinated it’s hard to suggest this is a better health outcome. The theory that you have a less chance of hospitalisation or death becomes hard to justify as the first part of ending up in hospital or dying is catching the thing in the first place.

We will never be able to fully compare apples with apples but it doesn’t help when the health bosses mix the apples and the oranges together with their data.

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