James Shaw might be saying more unparliamentary words soon

The Greens are really showing how firmly they are in the “we are woke” sphere with their new requirements.

Rather than the rule of one male and one female co leader they have made some adjustments.

They can have a female leader and a gender fluid neutral or trans leader as long as one is Maori.

In what is more than likely an excuse to get rid of James Shaw as co leader whilst still showing that inclusion is the corner stone of their being. They have come up with these new set of rules.

James Shaw has been upsetting some of the gayer members by having the audacity of having two mums while not being anything more gender wise than a straight man. And a pale stale male at that.

He obviously hasn’t apologised for being a man lately and so must be replaced by the popular Swarbrick who obviously apologised for not being a Maori. and is whatever gender that tickles her fancy.

If you ever needed an excuse to find another environmentally friendly party, now would be the time to look. The Greens are less as worried about the environment as they are about appearing culturally sensitive and in tune with minorities whilst accusing others of being racist.

The Greens will likely continue to get support from the politically ignorant and the eternally offended, but will always be as effectual in government as a dildo in a fertility clinic .

How long do we give James before he is replaced by a gender fluid communist?

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