January 21 will be D day on Omicron

As many kiwi’s return from their summer break, Ardern, Hipkins, Bloomfield and co, will have a rather interesting conundrum on their hands.

Data will be key to how this peculiar scenario is treated as it will be a little over 8 weeks of the Omicron doing its global takeover from the Delta variant.

If the status of this variants symptoms continues to be a common cold, if it replaces the more virulent versions of the Corona virus and if it infects both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, then this is the natural immunity that can circle the globe and end the pandemic.

Oh how this is going to be an interesting three to four week period. The Biden administration are doing their best to continue the fear, but other countries that have obviously been following this variant a little closer, are realising that this could spell the end of the pandemic.

It seems two years is how long pandemics take to run their course. Regardless of the availability or not of medical intervention, such as “vaccines” or other treatments, two years is the duration.

Two years is what it took in the 1968/69 Hong Kong flu pandemic . Two years for the 1857/58 Asian flu pandemic, and a couple of months over 2 years for the 1918/20 Spanish flu pandemic which killed an estimated 25-50 million people.

The latter of those pandemics (Spanish Flu) having no vaccine intervention for viruses and no antibiotics to treat secondary infections. Yet a little over 2 years later that pandemic was over.

We are going to be right on the two year mark with this one too if the next few weeks has the omicron all but wipe out the delta variant. We will be back to dealing with a cold.

The interesting thing is the aforementioned pandemic viruses are still with us today. Those of us that have been encouraged to take the flu jab every year, get a jab for the likely flu viruses circulating for that given year.

I get the flu jab free because I am deemed at risk. I have for many years got my jab and I certainly didn’t tell everyone I associated with to make sure they got theirs too (for my sake). It was always their choice and I had no issue with that. Oh how the tables have turned there. some will say this one is different. Really? The only difference that I can see is the exaggerated death count that was paraded in front of us every day. Front of mind is the difference. The 1918 pandemic didn’t need its own PR team. Everyone knew some one who died

Scenes from 1918

So back to the conundrum facing our overlords here in NZ.

If delta is doing the rounds still here at the numbers we are seeing, it surely would be remiss to not try and replace this with the Omicron. What justification could you have to not, if this continues to be the virtually harmless common cold?

Perhaps the upshot is more people will get a flu jab every year, but it would be a sick bunch of politicians who entertain continuing with vaccine passports and mandates, particularly if the omicron is nothing more than the common cold.

Over to you Ardern, what are you going to do with the Omicron apart from telling everyone to get the high school version of the vaccine being the third Jab.

BTW the third jab doesn’t stop the Omicron.

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