Judge halts Maricopa County audit (updated)

What have they got to hide?

An audit that commenced on the ballots in Arizona’s largest county has been temporarily halted by a judge.

Democrats have brought a suit to stop the audit.

It seems it is purely to ensure the audit is proceeding legally

Roopali Desai, an attorney representing the audit’s Democratic challengers, argued before the judge that the audit process had been “abdicated” to “rogue actors” who were “making a mockery…of our election laws and our procedures.”


All we know at this stage is the auditors have committed the big crime of using the wrong ink colour while counting ballots.

Democrats have been told they need to come up with $1 million if they want the halt to continue beyond Monday.

Nothing to hide eh?

So the Dems haven’t put their money where their mouth is and the court case is off and the audit back on

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