Jumping down rabbit holes

Funny how when you dive into subject matter a little more than just a curious read of something in a newspaper, you soon realise that the common narrative couldn’t be further from the truth.

Watching the pandemic evolve has reunited me with my brief medical study from years ago when I had the pleasure of working and studying at Auckland hospital.

Of the many things I experienced working in the medical field, two aspects of my learned years have lasted, the first is just how dedicated most health workers are to their jobs. The second is, don’t get sick.

Whilst our collective medical knowledge is outstanding it is but a mere drop compared to what we don’t know.

Watching academics argue over the various aspects of the Corona virus just shows it’s virtually all guess work.

Many criticised Trump when he said one day the virus will just disappear.

However, now we see scientists struggling to explain or agree on why the number of cases are rapidly decreasing.

In the USA on Christmas Eve there were over 200,000 new cases, this Monday that had dropped by 75% to 53,500.

Scientists are arguing the merits of herd immunity, vaccinations and people complying with the mitigation restrictions.

Some are saying we need 60% infections or vaccinations to achieve herd immunity and we are no where near that.

One must ask, that with a statistic of 88% people who get infected will get zero to mild flu like symptoms, did we already have some naturally occurred herd immunity?

Obviously children do.

We now know that it has behaved identically to a nasty flu season (with the exception of infants and children that are susceptible to influenza but not Corona). And that all bar those who are at risk of complications of getting a respiratory disease are in no danger.

This is the second Covid virus to be labelled a pandemic.

What happened to SARS COVID 1, the first Corona virus pandemic? It just one day disappeared.

Funny that.

Once again I am reminded of the saying, “never let a good crises go to waste”

The crises has never been the virus.

It is the politicians and media that caused the crises.

We can’t trust the numbers, we now know very little people died directly from the virus and the numbers of people who died from the underlying infection are hugely exaggerated.

We are seeing the same rapid roll out of vaccines as they did for swine flu in 2009 which is now labelled a fake pandemic.

Ironically 19 kiwis died from the fake pandemic, almost as many as from this real one.

Is the disease real, yes. Was it a man made weapon? Unlikely given we still haven’t isolated the actual virus matter.

Were they studying the transmutation ability of Corona virus from bats to humans in the Wuhan laboratory? Yes

Has this been the most mismanaged disease outbreak in history? Yep!

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