Just a Reminder on the efficacy of masks, even the N95

Spoiler alert – they don’t work

In the link below there is a wealth of information that just blasts the efficacy of all this nonsense mask wearing.

Even the N95 has been found to make no difference. It has been nothing but theatre for the ruling class to serve as a reminder why you have had your freedoms removed.

Below is a taste of the evidence that proves that masks did nothing

“In January 2021, the German state of Bavaria was one of the first places in the world to mandate N95/FFP2 masks in most public settings. A comparison with other German states, which required cloth or medical masks, indicates that even N95/FFP2 masks have made no difference.”

The high risk situations of catching covid are from the small aerosols that fill small poorly ventilated rooms. No manner of mask mandates will have much effect when the very situations where people don’t observe proper mask protocols are where they will have got infected.

If you are in a closed space with people who are infected, regardless of their vaccination status, you have a very high chance of getting it. Clubs, restaurants and other settings where people are a bit more relaxed (particularly when the think they are only with people who can’t pass it on) is where the spread occurs.

More reasons why Ardern should face criminal charges

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